Instant Pot Makes Dried Beans Child’s Play

Ya’ll! I know beans and rice are probably the 2 most time intense ingredient to cook with.  I mean soaking the beans 24 hours ahead of time, and then making sure you get that rice to water ratio just perfect! and DO NOT, by any means, open that lid on the rice while it’s cooking!  Well, not any more! 

Cooking with a pressure cooker – have you tried the newest fad?  Well, you must!!! Cooking with a pressure cooker isn’t anything new. In fact, I’ve had a stove top, manual pressure cooker for years.  My dil’s are afraid of it. They swear it’s gonna blow the house up!  

But the newest version of the pressure cooker is electric and does everything but chew your food for you! 

I actually made beans and rice – from scratch and dry out of the package – to yummy soft and tender beans and rice soup in about 1.5 hours.  ok, well ya’ll it’s instant as in, compared to 24 hours to soak the beans first, instant. Yep. only 1.5 hours to go from dried beans to soft and yummy!!! 

Wanna see how that worked? Just click on this link to visit my youtube channel.  And while you there, you might as well subscribe to help others get some great cooking tips and tricks!! 

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5 Tips to Rock Your Online Direct Sales Party

Do you get the “look” from your friends when you ask them to host an online party for your direct sales business?  You know, the “I can’t live through another 2 weeks of buy, buy, buy posts even if you are my best friend” look? 

Online parties, whether on Facebook or other online platform, like Sqweee, have gotten a bad rep!  They have turned into week-long meetings, basically.  Where direct sellers post canned company graphics that show the products in the most sterile conditions without any evidence of a real person on the other end of the internet connection.

Want to turn your meetings into parties?  Use these 5 strategies to transform your online direct sales parties into a fast, fun and highly interactive …. hmmm.. yeah!!! PARTY!!!! 

  •  Bring you!!! Don’t leave your personality and sense of humor out of your party!  Your host and your guests want to have fun when they attend anything called a party.  If you were doing an in-home party, you would be laughing and joking and getting to know the guests in an upbeat and fun environment.  Your online party should be just as fun and interactive as the in home experience would be.  Tell jokes, use puns, have games that showcase your host and your product without selling and tricking people into hosting or buying.  Your guests will go away wanting to have their own party if you do! 
  • Use a theme.  Nope, your product is not a theme! Your direct sales company isn’t a theme, either.. sorry…  How many in person parties have you been too that were thematic and required you to dress up in certain style or era?  Played the music for that theme and decorated the party room in that theme?  Bring that concept to your online party and showcase your products through the lens of a party theme.  If you sell cookware, cook something for Christmas in July using your product.  Sell clothes?  bring the theme of the party into the colors or styling of the clothing.  The possibilities are endless, and it shows your product in action and makes it relevant to your guests. 

  • Sell less to sell more!  Yes, I know it sounds counterintuitive, but how many of us have been to a car lot and been inundated by 15 car salesmen as soon as we get out of our car – sometimes even before!  No one wants to be pounced on with sales posts in an online party.  Your guests will buy from you if they know you, and only after they learn to like you will they decide to trust you with their business. Fun and interactive posts should be the majority of your posts with the promotional posts brought in towards the end of the party.  People will buy if they know, like AND trust you!  They don’t trust sales people who dump sales posts on them as soon as they get out of their virtual car. 

  •  It’s not about you, it’s about your hostess!   The party is all about your hostess! You are there to help her maximize her rewards and help her earn free and reduce product!  In the end you will sell more, but when you go in with the mindset that you have to push, push, push and get more sales, people can feel that and it will result in less sales and guests who don’t want to host or join your company.  Going in the the mindset that you are going to do everything to make it about the host to serve her creates an environment of plenty and people will buy, host and yes, some will even join your team! 

  • Have a strategy.     Anything worth doing is worth doing right!  Yep, that’s what my dad always said.  And, most of the time, daddy was right.  Whenever I have tried to do something without having a plan or strategy, it was hard and frustrating.  However, when I have been patient and taken the time to plan and work out strategies for the contingencies that might happen, usually I have more success.  Even if I am not successful, I am able to bounce back and redirect my plan to continue towards the goal.  Don’t go into an online party without a plan or strategy for reaching your goals.  

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Cork Wallets for Women – Gift Ideas for Women

Clydene has created her own version of the Diva Wallet!

Thee Perfect Wallet has 12 card slots, 2 open pockets, and an attached see through coin purse!  No more digging in a dark coin purse only to find out you don’t have the right change!

Each wallet is lined with RFID fabric to protect your cards from unauthorized access.  The whole masterpiece is wrapped in beautiful and natural cork leather.  It’s soft, durable and classic!

Click here to see all the beautiful choices available for gifts this holiday season.  Click here to read reviews of this beautiful wallet!

Welcome to the World of Blogging!

Clydene Balke

Hello!!! I am so excited to be entering this new world of blogging!  I expect to be full of anticipation and trepidation all at the same time as I tread through the weeds of a newborn blog.

I love to learn new things and share that with my readers.  It is my hope that you will laugh, learn and otherwise enjoy my musings and amusings.

I’ll be back .. have a great day Nailing Real Life!  more to come, soon!!!