How to Find Clarity – 5 Lessons Rain Taught Me About Clarity.

How to Find Clarity – 5 Lessons Rain Taught Me About Clarity.

How to find clarity in everyday life

 Enjoy the Rain! It’s nature’s way of getting clarity!!! Arizona is getting some well-deserved and long-anticipated rain. Dry riverbeds are teeming with running water, plants are greening up from the big gulp of fresh water, and the air is crisp and clean. And what the rain teaches me about clarity is… well, – cool, clear and fresh ideas.

  • When it rains, I open all the doors and windows to get the fresh air in. Getting clarity requires us to open our hearts and minds to fresh ideas and solutions. When someone lacks clarity, they are usually tightly protecting what they have, their thoughts, and beliefs. Clarity, like the rain brings in fresh, new ideas.
  • I stand on the porch or in the driveway to see it up close. Now, I don’t like to get in the rain and get wet, but I think that’s just me. But, especially in Arizona, we all go outside and stand on the porch to see it up close and personal. The newness of rain is invigorating. Clarity is the same. Getting clarity is invigorating and energizing bringing new experiences and sensations as you move to new solutions. Getting clarity washes out the cobwebs from the corners of our thoughts and allows the sun to shine again bringing new ideas and creativity.
  • The sound of the rain is soothing and calming. I love going to sleep to the sound of a soft, steady rain. Tap, tap, tapping on the roof soothes me to drift off into a peaceful and deep slumber. Getting clarity is soothing to the anxious feelings caused by a noisy world. Focusing on clarity relaxes us when the situation is chaotic and confusing. Getting clarity can help us drown out the noise and bring peace back to our world.
  • The water running through the streets reminds me that the old is washing away making room for the new. The morning after a storm bring debris and a washing away of the streets. Getting clarity sometimes loosens old habits that need to be washed away so new, positive and productive actions can be implemented. Old habits keep us stuck in the past, only thinking about what was or what could have been. Clarity will make way for new actions that build into habits propelling change.

I can almost see the plants stretching out as the rain washes away the dust of the summer heat soaking up every drop they can. When I am thirsty, I tall glass of fresh water makes me feel renewed and powerful. The plants reach up and drink the rain like a big, tall glass of fresh water quenching thirst and renewing their energy. When I get clarity my brain is infused with energy and power that carries me through the dry times.

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Clydene Balke