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Instant Pot – Cook dried beans without soaking!

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Cook Dried Beans without Soaking Them
Want to save time when you cook beans? Use your Instant Pot and cook dried beans with out soaking them. No more having to soak the dried beans the night before and cook them for 3 hours to get soft, delicious bean soup. Using your Instant Pot will save you time!
Not your momma’s rice cooking
Ya’ll! I know beans and rice are probably the 2 most time intense ingredient to cook with.  I mean soaking the beans 24 hours ahead of time, and then making sure you get that rice to water ratio just perfect! and DO NOT, by any means, open that lid on the rice while it’s cooking!  Well, not any more!
Pressure Cooker to the Rescue!
Cooking with a pressure cooker – have you tried the newest fad?  Well, you must!!! Cooking with a pressure cooker isn’t anything new. In fact, I’ve had a stove top, manual pressure cooker for years.  Many people are afraid of them!  They swear it’s gonna blow the house up! But the newest version of the pressure cooker is electric and does everything but chew your food for you! and it cooks dried beans without soaking them! I actually made beans and rice – from scratch and dry out of the package – to yummy soft and tender beans and rice soup in about 1.5 hours.  ok, well ya’ll –  it’s instant compared to 24 hours to soak the beans first, instant. Yep. only 1.5 hours to go from dried beans to soft and yummy!!!
Video Walkthrough!
Wanna see how that worked? Just click on the link below to visit my youtube channel.  And while you’re there, you might as well subscribe to help others get some great cooking tips and tricks!! Click here for Cooking with Clydene video:  “Cook Dried Beans without soaking them”
Instant Pot - cook dried beans without soaking
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