It’s never too late to get into the arena – how to get clarity

When you question your purpose remember it’s never too late to get in the arena.

Hey Y’all! Have you ever had a moment of complete and utter fear and self-doubt? One minute you are in the arena fighting the fight, speaking your message and getting stuff done, and the next minute your are backing out of the arena into the dark tunnel and back into the dank and musty holding room.

Well, y’all – that was me today. Yep.. on the outside, I’m a strong, fearless gladiator; on the inside, I’m a hesitant, weak and fearful human.

Today, I had a moment where I was questioning everything I had done the last 2 weeks. (and by extension pretty much in the past and not so recent history)

  • Enrolling in a huge course by some pretty big names (you might know them, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson)
  • Taking part in a mastermind with an amazing bestie (Windy Lawson – you should probably go find her and follow her. She has some awesomeness waiting for you.)
  • Writing a pretty amazing mission statement to direct me on this new journey of online teaching and coaching.
  • and pretty much anything else I’ve done the last 2 weeks of full time working from home.

2 weeks ago, I jumped into the arena of public thought and put myself out there with some meaningful and important content. I found my message, my voice, and my perfect person who needed to hear it.

I knew my message was valuable and that only I could bring that to the world in my voice. There was someone waiting to hear from me. My audience was sitting in the crowd cheering me on as I entered that arena with my armor on and my weapons at the ready.

But, today – as I was sitting down to continue building, writing, creating content to get my message out there, I freaked.. Yeah, not just a little – a full-on nausea-inducing and fear-producing moment of self-doubt the size of the arena itself. I felt myself backing out of the arena with things like “what the heck were you thinking?” and “seriously, everyone else is saying the same thing! don’t be redundant!”.

Well, I messaged a good friend, and she helped me put my armor back on and get back out into that arena – fear and self-doubt not withstanding. Wanna hear and see it yourself? check out this video.

how to overcome fear and self-doubt

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So….come on ova, bring a snack to share and a story to tell.

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