A life-changing mastermind for women seeking a new direction and renewed purpose using clarity, confidence and courage to redefine themselves and create the life they want.

  • Are you a woman who has spent her life putting other’s needs first?
  • Do you struggle with letting go of past roles that no longer fit and finding new experiences and goals?
  • Do you want to redefine your purpose but find fear and self-doubt holding you back?
  • Do you thrive on being a part of a network of women that supports and encourages each other?
  • Are you wanting clarity and direction in finding solutions to the problems holding you back?
  • Do you want to get clarity on goals, build confidence in your skills, and gain the courage to take action?
What is a workshop mastermind?

The workshop is led by the teacher who shares information or skills to help the participants move forward. The mastermind is led by the participants and uses peer-to-peer mentoring to help each other problem-solve and brainstorm solutions to issues presented to them.

During the workshop, participants will be led through a series of verbal and written exercises that are created to help discover a person’s “superpower”, clarify goals, gain skills that will build confidence and courage to take action.

The mastermind gives each person a chance to discuss their ideas, issues or problems holding them back and allows the group to share their knowledge, experience or expertise to solve problems and find solutions. In addition, each person will be given the opportunity to share the big thing that has helped them the most in their journey.

What to expect in this workshop mastermind
  • Weekly Meetings: Every Monday at 5 pm MST on the Zoom platform. Can be used on tablet, phone, laptop or desktop computer.
  • The format of the meetings will be a combination of teaching sessions (workshop) to learn new strategies to get clarity, gain confidence and courage to act, and sharing problems and solutions with each other (mastermind).
  • All worksheets needed for the workshop mastermind will be uploaded into the files section in the Facebook Group. Individuals can download them and print them for use during the appropriate session.
  • Facebook Group: Participants will be asked to join a private facebook group that will be used to facilitate interaction and group information. Participation posts will expand on weekly lessons and spur new thought.